Check here for information on events, conference calls, and online training opportunities. Currently, PLAN is developing a 12-week program to train volunteer online parent advocates who will offer assistance to parents in crisis via our private forum. The initial group of volunteers will help us develop the curriculum. In return for volunteering, participants will receive free premium membership in PLAN, which will allow them to serve as officers in the organization. Volunteers who stay with us for a year will recieve a professional letter of introduction/recommendation describing how valuable they were in developing our training program. All particpants who complete the training program will receive a certification of completion. At this time, the training will consist of the following courses, requiring a two-hour live class attendance via phone or internet:

  1. An introduction to Cyber Law
  2. An introduction to the American Court System
  3. An introduction to Family Law
  4. An introduction to the Child Welfare System
  5. An introduction to Psychology
  6. Identifying and engaging parents in crisis

The training program is free. Each course will last two weeks. Each course will be taught by a legal professional. At the end of the training program, participants will provide constructive feedback as to how the course could be improved. Those who successfully complete the program will be given administrative access to the forum so they can help others who are in crisis.

For more information, contact the Executive Director at