The Parent League and Advocacy Network™, U.A.—The PLAN is an unincorporated nonprofit association, registered in Wisconsin. The PLAN was established to assist parents who are in crisis or dealing with child protective services. Our goals include:

  • Advocating for Civil Gideon–the right to an attorney for any parent whenever there is a custody action involving a minor child, whether initiated by the parent or the state
  • Creating reliable resources for parents in crisis
  • Creating a network of attorneys who accept cases like these
  • Creating resources to assist defense attorneys whose clients have been wrongly targeted by child protective services or other agency
  • Creating a fund to assist low income parents with legal expenses
  • Creating information that helps guide the parent through the system so they can better understand the process when their children are removed by child protective services or other agency
  • Creating a network of therapists, life coaches, mediators, arbitrators, educators, and mental health professionals to assist parents in gaining personal, parenting, and professional skills
  • Providing resources for district attorneys, law enforcement, public school teachers, foster care providers and social workers to assist in understanding and assessing the needs of the entire family when responding to a complaint of neglect or abuse
  • Encouraging legislation to establish and fund legal aid organizations that expose corruption in the child welfare system
  • Raising awareness in the media and the public at-large about the need for better training of child protective service professionals to ensure children aren’t abused or killed while in foster care
  • Training a nationwide network of Parent Advocates to assist parents in crisis

Every year, thousands of children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care. However, because of poor training and systemic corruption, many of these children are physically and sexually abused, and each year, hundreds of foster children die or are killed while in the custody of the state. PLAN™, U.A. exists to reach out to parents in crisis and provide accurate information and resources, and to educate caseworkers and human services professionals about the dangers of their own hidden biases and agendas, while encouraging competent parenting and crisis intervention.

PLAN™, U.A. is committed to building strong families and communities through communication and advocacy. Our mission includes promoting healthy relationships in families in order to avoid the growing problem of parent and grandparent alienation.

PLAN™, U.A. is currently seeking volunteer professionals and lay people to serve as directors and officers.  For more information or to volunteer, contact PLAN.exec.director@gmail.com, or call 715.257.4363.

Jerri L. Cook, juris doctor

PLAN™, U.A. Executive Director

Members of the Executive Board